CACHCA's 2011 Community Health Award

On June 9th, during the international health conference Community Health Centres: Acting Today, Shaping Tomorrow, CACHCA presented its 2011 Community Health Award to youth from Tweed, Ontario, who participate in the Gateway Community Health Centre Youth Jazz Ensemble. In presenting the award, CACHCA Chairperson, Jack McCarthy, stated:

"CACHCA presents this Community Health Award to recognize the importance of community involvement in health, and the way that Community Health Centres act as places that bring individuals and families together to achieve and maintain health. By helping local youth build confidence and by equipping them with healthy coping and learning skills, the Gateway CHC Youth Jazz Ensemble is doing much more than making sweet music -- it is keeping youth healthy and preparing them for healthy lives, in healthy communities."

To learn more about the award and the Gateway CHC Youth Jazz Ensemble connect to this CACHCA press release and watch the video below, prepared by the Jazz Ensemble's youth participants and program managers.